Leasing Vs Owing


Deciding Between Leasing and Ownership

Your business is thriving, your fleet is growing, and you are once-again faced with the difficult decision: Should I lease or own my commercial truck fleet? It is an important choice, and sometimes the gap between leasers and owners can feel like a canyon, but choosing to lease or own does not have to be an either-or decision. Tej Truck Loan can help evaluate the costs and benefits of leasing and owning with our Comparative Value Analysis (CVA). Our CVA reviews transportation expenses to uncover savings, while providing a benchmark to compare your operation to the industry standard. This allows you to determine what is best for you.

Financial Benefits of Leasing

More private fleets are leaning toward leasing not just for the convenience and reliability, but because it makes good business sense too. Leasing rather than buying frees capital for other investments, and Tej Truck Loan & leasing Inc. services save you time so you can give your business the attention it requires.


  • Lower, locked-in monthly payments
  • Lower service and administrative costs
  • Freed capital and credit lines
  • Fleet size flexibility and discounted rentals as needed
  • Buying power and service discounts
  • No residual risk at end of lease

Owning Your Fleet

Roughly two-thirds of fleet operators own their trucks. Owning equipment and other hard assets, such as warehouses or property, may be part of company culture or simply a financial preference. Additionally, some companies prefer to own because it gives physical assets and a sense of control over those assets.

There are, however, many hidden costs of ownership in addition to purchase cost such as:

  • On-going maintenance and repairs
  • Maintaining a maintenance shop
  • Recruiting and managing maintenance staff
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining drivers due to poor vehicles
  • Fines due to safety violations
  • Tires, brakes and other consumables
  • Substitute vehicles
  • Tax and licensing